Istwa Gwopo Tòm 1 - My English Section

 This is one of my Haitian Creole books, I gathered the stories of the character named Gwopo who’s very awkward and funny in his attitude, his reactions, and the specific spectrum he sees the society. I’ve started to publish these fiction stories on this blog, as many readers have shown their appreciation they asked me to put them together into a book. If you are comfortable reading Haitian Creole, this would be a good pick for a moment of evasion through laughter and imagination.

My inspiration comes from various sources such as jokes, funny situations observed in real life or people telling me. That's why I always keep my digital notepad handy so I can quickly jot down any amusing and hilarious ideas that come to my mind.

I had a lot of pleasure in writing this book, and I wish you the same by reading it.

Here's the link to buy it on Amazon: https://amzn.to/434L8pb

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